Glenn Betz Jewelers strives to provide excellent service to every customer, and that holds true for all products: whether new or old, ensuring that your pieces are perfect for you is our very top priority.  is your number one choice for knowledgeable and reliable Jewelry repairs. We have a full-service repair shop on site so your jewelry never has to leave our store. Repair estimates are complimentary and are completed by our expert jewelers. Whatever fixes or adjustments you may need, we'd love to help.  There is no job too big or small! 


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Frequently Asked Questions

Free Life-Time Warranty

A warranty is an extended service plan that your jeweler offers. A jewelry warranty covers minor wear and tear that happens to a piece of jewelry after you’ve had it for a while. Warranties typically cover issues like small scratches, prong replacement and retipping; as well as preventative maintenance like diamond/stone tightening, cleaning, or buffing out minor scratches or scuffs that come from wearing your jewelry every day.

Keep in mind, warranties do not typically protect and replace your jewelry if it is damaged, stolen, or lost. Many people purchase warranties thinking their jewelry will be covered, but that’s usually not the case. This is not to say that a warranty is a bad thing to have! For what they cover, jewelry warranties are a good option to consider when buying new jewelry.

Insurance & Repairs

Insurance covers loss of a center stone. Watches bought from Glenn Betz come with a 2-year warranty with Rolex-certified watch repair. No repair too big or small, we do it all!

Is My Jewelry Worth Repairing?

Absolutely, Glenn Betz Jewelers specializes in insuring jewelry of all shapes, sizes, and values. We understand that the sentimental value of jewelry, like your engagement ring, is often greater than the financial value. While you may not be able to get your original engagement ring back, our unique jewelry replacement insurance will ensure you’ll get a replacement that matches your original jewelry specs.